Kanzi is a bonobo who likes toasted marshmallows. So he makes a fire and cooks them.

Kanzi is a 31 year old male bonobo, sometimes known as a pygmy chimpanzee, who enjoys a hot meal or a toasted marshmallow from time to time.

To make a fire, Kanzi collects firewood and breaks the sticks into smaller sizes.

After arranging them in a pile, the bonobo ignites them with matches or a lighter and then watches the flames take hold.

Kanzi's fascination with fire began when he was a child, watching the film, Quest for Fire. The movie was released about a year after Kanzi was born and was about early man struggling to control fire. Kanzi watched this spellbound over and over hundreds of times.

Kanzi was not trained to light a fire, but was assisted by Susan Savage-Rumbaugh when he asked her for help using the sign language he has learned.

It is not clear that Kanzi can do all aspects of making, controlling and employing fire. For example he doesn't stay close and carefully monitor the fire once it is going, though he will throw on wood at a distance.

Kanzi also enjoys playing Pac-Man on his video console.

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