On average, portable PC shoppers spend one month researching their purchase.

Google commissioned a study of US portable PC shoppers to look at how consumers research and shop for netbooks, laptops, eReaders and tablet computers.

The portable PC device category has been growing at an average rate of 39% per annum.

While only 20% of laptop buyers consider another device, 66% of netbook shoppers look at the alternatives. Netbook shoppers are five times as likely to look at a laptop as an alternative vs a tablet computer.

On average, shoppers researched their purchase for one month. Only 8% of buyers made up their minds in one day. 85% of shoppers used the internet to research their purchase.

Tablet buyers are more likely to be female, between the ages of 25 and 34, and are most concerned with appearance and style.

eReader shoppers are more likely to be male, 45-54 years old and care more about reviews than other portable PC shoppers.

Laptop shoppers are mostly female, 18-34 and 65% consider 3 brands or more before buying.

Netbook shoppers are the most undecided, 80% considering multiple brands.

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