Coitus interruptus. 10% of under 25s would interrupt sex with their partner to check a text message.

According to a Retrevo Gadgetology survey of social media use, one in ten young adults, under 25, would check their text messages during sex.

If the message is to tell you that you have accidentally butt-dialed [NSFW] them, perhaps it is a good idea.

While not that many people actively engage in social media during sex, they do in bed. Retrevo found that almost half of social-media users check in via phone while lying in bed.

About 48% of those polled said they check or update Facebook or Twitter after they've gotten into bed at night and/or before they get out of bed in the morning. That number jumps to 76% for the 25-and-younger set, with a whopping 19% of those millennials saying they also check in whenever they wake up during the night.

The in-bed social media users are also scanning the news before their feet hit the floor. 17% of social media users check in to Facebook or Twitter before they turn on the TV for the news.

16%, rely on Facebook or Twitter as the sole delivery for their morning news.

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