The iPhone does not qualify for the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships.

Rules for the World Mobile Phone Throwing Contest, held annually in Savonlinna, Finland, declare that phones under 220g are considered too light, so most smartphones, including the iPhone 4 at 137g, would not qualify for the tournament.

Ere Karjalainen, Finland set a new world record in 2012 with an amazing 101.46 meter trhow.

The world record for Juniors dates from 2003, when Paavo Hirvonen threw 46.83 meters.

The 2013 contest is scheduled to take place on August 24.

There will be no doping tests. However the jury can rule out the contestant if his/her mental or physical preparedness is not adequate for full a performance.

Contestant can also be excluded from the Championships if he/she is considered to be a danger for himself/herself, to other contestants or to the public.

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