Mathematical Modelling of a Zombie outbreak. Ottawa study shows quick aggressive action can defeat zombies.

A susceptible human (S) may be infected at a given rate proportional to the number of humans and the number of active zombies (Z). Alternatively, a susceptible human may die from 1) the mass panic caused by the zombie invasion or 2) be wholly consumed by a zombie. The zombie feed rate is proportional to the number of zombies.

A small change in the infection rate, or a small change in the intrinsic zombie kill factor can result in rapid population crash of either humans or zombies.

The relative weight of the rate of zombie feeding, as compared to the ratio of infection/zombie elimination may be adjusted to reflect a realā€life scenario when empirical data becomes available.

The keys to human survival in the face of a zombie invasion rest in the ability of citizens to mount an immediate, ruthless, and above all, adaptive campaign of resistance.

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