German pensioners kidnapped their financial advisor to recoup their losses from last year.

Four German pensioners were found guilty of kidnapping the financial adviser they blamed for US property investments that went awry.

They took him from his home in western Germany and drove him 450km (280 miles) to southern Bavaria.

He was freed after hiding a message to call police in a fax to his Swiss bank.

They were found guilty of offences ranging from kidnapping to grievous bodily harm.

They tied him up with tape and gagged him, put him in a box in the boot of a car and drove him to Bavaria.

Along the way, they beat him up, breaking two ribs when he tried to flee during a stop.

They finally locked him in a well-prepared basement of a house close to the Chiemsee lake in Bavaria.

He was then forced to sign papers promising to refund the money the pensioners had lost in the US property crash.

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