John Gass's driver's license was revoked because a face recognition system thought he was really someone else.

Mr. Gass, who had not received a traffic violation for years, was identified by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles as a person suspected of having a fake identity by an automated anti-terrorism facial recognition system.

The face recognition software flagged Mr. Gass's picture as looking like another Massachusetts driver. It took ten days to prove to them that he was indeed who he said he was before he was able to get his license back. Mr. Gass needs to drive for his job.

In each suspected case flagged, the person identified has to come to the RMV to prove their identity. In Mr. Gass's case, both he and the other driver identified were told to come in.

Registrar Kaprielian told the Boston Globe that it is the individual's burden to clear his or her name of any mistakes made by the RMV.

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